Zorb Balling: A New Way to Play

Zorb balling is all the craze in some European countries, and has recently taken off here in the U.S. as well! When you first hear about it, you might think it’s crazy or that it’s just another over-hyped fad like Zumba or Soul Cycle, but zorb balling can actually be a lot of fun and get your body and mind into shape in record time! For those who are new to zorb balling, let us take you through the basics of how to do it, what gear you will need, and what the experience feels like!

What is it?

A zorb ball is a large inflatable ball, about the size of a person, that you can climb inside. Once you’re inside, someone will roll the ball around. The ride can be gentle or intense depending on how fast and where they are rolling it. You will feel like you are floating in space or swimming through water when this happens.

Safety tips

While zorbing is relatively safe, there are still risks. The first thing you should do is make sure your zorbing center has a good safety record and reviews. Secondly, make sure you wear the appropriate clothing for the weather. Thirdly, listen to the staff when they give instructions. Finally, if you do get into trouble and need help be sure to yell for it!

Who can do it?

Everyone! Zorbing is a simple and fun way to spend time with family or friends. You don’t have to be an Olympian athlete or even fit to enjoy it. It’s easy-peasy and you can do it right in your own backyard. You just need a zorb ball, enough space, and a little imagination.

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Types of balls/containers

A zorbing ball is a large plastic sphere that you can climb into and roll down a hill or into a body of water. The idea originated from the Swiss Alpine practice of rolling downhill in barrels. Zorbing balls come in various sizes for different heights and weights. You can also choose between an open top or closed top. The closed top provides more safety, but open tops let you see what’s going on around you.


Zorbing is a relatively new sport that originated in Rotorua, New Zealand and became popular worldwide. Zorbing is essentially a giant inflatable ball where people climb inside, close the door and are then pushed down a hill. The person inside has no control over the speed of the zorb, but can use their hands and feet to push themselves around the ball. Zorbing is great for people of all ages and fitness levels as it’s not an extreme sport. It’s an excellent way for families with small children or grandparents/grandkids where everyone can have fun together at any age! 

There are many benefits for zorping such as increased blood flow, boosting adrenaline levels and decreasing mental stress.

Where Can You Do It?

You can do it anywhere! Zorb balls are made of waterproof material, so you can use them on any surface. The only requirement is that the area should be flat enough for you to roll. You can take zorbing out of your backyard and into a new environment by following these five steps for zorbing at the beach.

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Zorb ball is a fun activity that is great for people of all ages. If you do not live near a place that already plays zorb ball there are many places online where you can order your own kit and start playing it with friends or family in your own backyard!

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