What is penalty card betting and important information to know

Soccer betting is growing rapidly, especially at online bookmakers. There are many bets here for you to choose from, including penalty card bets. However, those who only play in the traditional way will not know What is a penalty card bet? and how to play. Find out now in New888 article below if you want big wins.

What is a penalty card bet?

Penalty card bets include red card bets and yellow card bets. Players bet on this bet, meaning they make a prediction about how many penalty cards will appear in the match. The reward results are based only on the number of penalty cards and have nothing to do with the wins or losses of the two teams in the tournament. Many bettors choose this bet because it is easy to make bets if they know how to research the nature and history of the competition. At the same time, it can be predicted based on the player’s personality.

There are many criteria to evaluate and make choices for penalty cards. Compared to other bets such as goal bets or score bets, betting on penalty cards is easier to win money. In each soccer tournament, you can bet on the number of yellow or red cards in each half or the entire match. In general, it is not too difficult for those who are passionate about betting. Not only that, it also has huge rewards, which is also the reason why this bet is chosen by many people.

Players can rely on the nature of the match as well as other factors to make reasonable predictions. There are many betting experts who consider this a delicious bait every time they bet and are always loyal to this style of play. If you are a new player participating in this type of betting, you should choose to bet on penalty cards to try your hand.

Types of penalty card bets you need to know

The above section has helped you understand what a penalty card bet is. Information about these types of bets is also of great interest. Betting forms are divided into many types as below.

Betting on Asian penalty cards

This is a type of handicap and also has an upper and lower team according to the true nature of Asian handicaps. At this time, players will bet to compare the number of penalty cards during the match between the two teams. This bet will have its result announced when it reaches the final minutes of the half. Asian penalty cards that can be bet on for the first half and the whole match are:

  • Accept yellow and red cards.
  • The bookmaker will provide handicaps and updates on the odds table, which may change depending on the tournament situation.
  • All penalty cards are only valid during the match.
  • If you bet on the whole match it will be FT and only the first half will be HT, red card is 2 points and yellow card is 1 point.

Bet on over/under cards

Basically, this penalty card bet is quite simple, that is, the house will predict the number of penalty cards of the two teams. Your remaining job is to make a prediction that the actual number will be more or less than that prediction with the following 2 options.

  • Bet Over: The player predicts that the actual penalty card will be greater than the bookmaker’s prediction.
  • Bet under: The player predicts that the actual penalty card will be smaller than the number predicted by the house.

You can bet on 1 half or the whole match. Immediately after the results of the half or full time, the house will pay the winner. The over/under penalty card bet is both easy to predict and has a high chance of winning, so it is chosen by many bettors.
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Betting on even and odd penalty cards

If you want to understand clearly what betting on penalty cards is, you should not ignore the information about this odd-even bet. True to its name, players only need to guess whether the number of penalty cards appearing on both teams is even or odd in a half or the whole match. It’s really simple, isn’t it, so the winning rate is quite high so it is very popular with players

Bet on the first and last penalty cards

With this bet you will be able to bet on which team the first and last penalty cards will be for. There is no need to predict the number of cards, so there is no need to analyze much, so many players who do not have much time or are new players choose to try. From there, you will have more experience to participate in more difficult penalty card bets.

Where is the most reputable place to bet on penalty cards?

After learning about penalty card betting, you will definitely want to find a betting site to join right away. Nowadays, participating in soccer betting has become simpler than ever. Players just need to find a reputable and quality betting website to unleash their passion. New88 is a leading bookmaker specializing in football betting in Asia, where all elements are gathered to meet your needs.

The football betting system at New88 continuously updates information about major liberations from domestic to world. Members can choose the freedom they like to easily participate in betting on penalty cards. The odds have been posted so you can analyze and research in advance. At the same time, provide necessary information about the team so players can make more accurate predictions.

New88 is always proud to be the best quality betting website on the market and brings unprecedentedly high reward rates. The bookmaker invests heavily and focuses on offering large bonuses to winning bettors in soccer betting. You can test your ability by choosing the appropriate ball tournament and penalty card bet. From there, you will receive a huge, desirable bonus.

Experience in betting on penalty cards with the highest winning rate

If you want to participate in soccer betting, in addition to learning what a penalty card bet is, you also need to know betting experience to have a high winning rate. So please refer to some good experiences below to win for yourself.

Please check the odds carefully before making a decision

You need to analyze information about the two teams in detail to be able to make a decision. Pay attention to issues such as the rankings, performance, and strength of the players. In addition, it is necessary to learn about the playing style and history of participating in soccer tournaments of the two teams. From there, rely on betting knowledge to choose the appropriate bet.

Know how to calculate reasonable bets

Before betting on penalty cards, you need to know how much you bet and what the win rate is. Or you can gradually increase bets to ensure capital safety. If you win, you will bet more, so you can stop at the right time instead of putting all your capital into 1 bet.

Be calm and don’t be hasty

In soccer betting, the element of calm greatly determines the betting results. Don’t let emotions overwhelm your decisions, don’t follow the crowd or be subjective. You need to know what your goal is, which team will have more or less penalty cards and don’t just lean towards the team you admire.

This article has shared with you information about what betting on penalty cards is and experiences when participating in betting. Hopefully you will make the right decisions during the betting process and get lots of bonuses at the house New88.

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