Top 5 Ways to Predict Unbeaten Football Betting for Gamers at New88

Soccer betting at New88 will open up many life-changing opportunities for bettors when participating here. Please join us in reading the article below to better understand this interesting entertainment category!
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What is soccer betting?

Soccer betting is a phrase used in the field of sports betting, especially soccer betting. “Betting” is simply analyzing and predicting the outcome of a match based on factors such as the performance of the competing team, changes in the lineup, injury information, previous statistics and many other factors. other factors.

Incentives when betting on football at New88

Participating in soccer betting at our playground, you will enjoy many attractive incentives, specifically as follows:

Deposit promotion:

  • First deposit: 100% deposit bonus, maximum 5,000,000 VND.
  • Daily deposit: Bonus 5% of deposit, maximum 1,000,000 VND.
  • Sports deposit: 10% bonus, maximum 1,000,000 VND per day.

Promotions by tournament:

  • Euro 2024 Promotion: Free money, attractive gifts and high odds for all Euro 2024 matches.
  • World Cup 2026 promotion: Free money, attractive gifts and high odds for all World Cup 2026 matches.

5 ways to bet on unbeaten football at New88

To get bonuses when participating in football betting at New88 sports, you need to combine many factors and apply appropriate strategies, specifically as follows:

Firmly grasp the participation odds

Mastering the odds is an important step after you have completed betting effectively. To be able to make wise play choices, determine the appropriate type, specifically as follows:

  • Asian Handicap: Most popular, suitable for beginners, has high liquidity and diverse odds.
  • European Handicap: Type Only predicts win/loss/draw, but the odds are usually lower than Asian Handicap.
  • Over/Under Odds: Predict the total number of goals in the match, suitable for those who love to bet on the “outbreak” style of goals.
  • Corner odds: Predict the number of corners in the match, suitable for those who understand the playing style and tactics of the two teams.

Analyze match information

To bet on unbeaten football, analyzing match information in detail and thoroughly is the key factor leading to success. Specifically, the analysis needs to be based on the following aspects:

  • Competition history: Consider the confrontation records between the two teams in the past, especially recent matches.
  • Performance: Analyze the performance of the two teams recently, including achievements, style of play, lineup,…
  • Home – away field: The home and away match history of the two teams can provide you with useful information.
  • Competing force: Carefully review the playing force of the two teams, especially the absence of key players due to injury or penalty cards.
  • Playstyle: Analyze the playstyle of the two teams, including attack, defense, strengths and weaknesses.

Refer to New88 odds

Comparing and analyzing odds helps you make wise betting choices and increase your chances of winning, specifically below are some tips:

  • Odds fluctuations reflect changes in information about the match, so closely monitor fluctuations to make timely decisions.
  • Analyze the odds based on factors such as performance, confrontation history, playing force, home – away field,… of the two teams. 
  • Using odds comparison tools can help you save time and effort in consulting odds.

Understand how to read house odds

Understanding how to read house odds is a basic skill that anyone participating in undefeated soccer betting at New88 needs to master. Reading the odds correctly helps you understand the odds, the bet window and the betting method, thereby making wise choices and increasing your chances of winning.
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Bet with experts

Betting with experts is an emerging trend in the field of soccer betting. Participating in betting according to tips from experienced and reputable players helps players increase their chances of winning and limit risks. 

General regulations you need to know when betting on New88 football

To ensure a safe and effective soccer betting experience, players need to clearly understand the following general regulations:

  • Terms and conditions: Players need to carefully read and agree to the Terms and Conditions bookmaker New88 before participating in betting. This is a regulation on the rules, responsibilities and rights of members and bookmakers.
  • Create an account: Players need to create a personal account on the system and provide accurate and complete information. New88 reserves the right to verify player information before allowing betting participation.
  • Deposit: Players need to deposit money into their personal account before participating in betting. The unit supports many different deposit methods, including bank transfer, e-wallet, etc. You need to note the deposit limit and deposit fee of each method.
  • Withdraw money: Players can withdraw money from their game account to their bank account or e-wallet. The dealer may require players to provide additional information for verification before allowing withdrawals. You need to pay attention to the transaction limit of each method.


Above is all the information about New88 football betting – One of the most attractive betting categories that attracts many bettors to participate. Hopefully through the above ways of playing, you will have a big win when experiencing it!

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