Conditions and benefits of kidney transplant in Iran

Kidneys are two essential organs in our body that are responsible for filtering blood and removing waste from it. However, these vital organs sometimes stop working entirely and cannot clean the blood. People may experience symptoms such as high blood pressure or decreased red blood cells in these cases. A kidney transplant is a treatment for kidney failure. In kidney transplant surgery, surgeons replace one or both kidneys with the kidneys of a donor. This article will give us more information about kidney transplant surgery in Iran.

Can anyone undergo a kidney transplant? 

Kidney transplant surgery in Iran may be suggested by doctors when dialysis is not enough or when there is a suitable donor whose kidney can be replaced with the damaged one. However, sometimes, this transplant surgery cannot be done because the person might have cancer or serious infections, and their body is not able to tolerate the surgery.

How is it performed?

When the hospital finds someone whose kidney matches the person who needs it, they call, and the person should get themselves to the hospital very soon. In this part, the person needs to arrive quickly. When the person arrives at the hospital, doctors and nurses start to get a sample from the person’s blood to test the sample for antibodies. If the test is crossmatched, the person is ready to undergo kidney transplant surgery in Iran.

After the test, doctors give the person some medicines to make them sleep during the surgery, and the surgery starts as soon as possible. Then, it is time for the doctors to make an incision and replace the person’s kidney with the kidney of the donor. After the kidney transplant, the blood can flow through the donor’s kidney. However, after the surgery, doctors conduct experiments and monitor the signals to ensure the kidney functions well in the person’s body.

Who are the kidney donors? 

Sometimes, kidney donors are living people who decide to live with one kidney. These people want to donate one of their kidneys to a family member or a friend to help them. However, to donate a kidney, these living people should take a test so that the doctors can be sure that the blood and tissues match enough for donation.

Kidney donors are not always living people. Sometimes, when people die because of an accident or a specific disease, their family decides to donate the deceased person’s kidney to someone else. It is more likely that the patient’s body rejects the kidney from a deceased stranger rather than a family member. However, there have been many successful kidney transplant surgeries in Iran that have given the person a second chance to live.

Are there any aftercare steps for kidney transplant surgery? 

The answer to this question is absolutely yes. Doctors and nurses monitor all the signs the patient’s body shows to determine if the donor’s kidney is filtering the blood well in the patient’s body and if the patient’s body accepts the kidney as its organ. It is interesting to know that sometimes the donor’s kidney takes one week or more to start functioning. At this stage, doctors give the patient some medicines to decrease the intensity of their immune system response. The reason for consuming these medicines is that the body does not reject the donor’s kidney.

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