7 Things to Do Trader Market in Houston

The best way to enjoy your weekends with family or friends is by heading to flea markets Houston. Hopping from one vendor to the other, you will never know what you might come across among the hundreds of vendors; therefore, be ready for a unique shopping experience.

Are you and your family or friends bored on a weekend?

Here are some of the lovely places in the flea markets Houston that you cannot afford to miss.

1. Hip-hop Vintage Flea Market

This place is dedicated to the hip-hop genre of music. The local thrift brand Resale folds and Ericka started it. The outdoor pop-up market specializes in music merchandise from the 70s. You, as a shopper, can take a trip down memory lane looking at the records, collectibles, and apparel from legendary hip-hop artists. If you are lucky, some days you can catch a live performance during daytime hours.Click here for more information about Mercari

2. Traders Village Houston

This Houston flea market is considered one of the city’s most prominent attractions. This weekend event welcomes attendees to peruse through a variety of vendors. That includes a wide variety of glass art from Fullerton’s panes and the rubs and sauces at Cowboy Spice. It also features live performances by Texas musicians, a variety of food stands, and a batch of carnival rides.

3. Cole’s Flea Market

Since it was opened in 1968, the flea market has been a favorite spot for families and kids. A mass of attendees is witnessed every weekend. Vendors offer vintage treasures, for instance, home decor, sporting goods, and even toys. Besides that, you can get the best sugar rush from the twenty-six food stands serving funnel cakes, pizza, and beer.

4. Flea at Silver Street

It has a modern indoor market curated with artisan finds and delectable treats. Visitors can enjoy handcrafted jewelry, dried floral arrangements from the succulent bar, and shareable wings from Sticky’s chicken. Even though there is an entry fee, Flea on Silver Street hosts special events for free.

5. Bussey’s Flea Market 

This is a friendly flea markets Houston for hunting varieties of treasures and finding antiques, memorabilia, and also modern items. It is open every weekend, making it much easier to find cheap items.

6. Sunny Flea Market

The flea market has thirty-five acres that welcome thousands of shoppers every week. There are so many booths since there are plenty of vendors. You have to dress comfortably because thirty-five acres can be so far. The place is family-friendly; hence, there are places where kids can have fun.

7. Canton’s First Monday Trade Days

It is the oldest market since it began in the 1850s. It was held on the first Monday of each month. In the past, people traded horses. But these days, it is held once a month, from Thursday to Sunday. And since it is the largest flea market, come prepared to take home a variety of valuables.


If you love shopping at flea markets, Texas, specifically Houston, is the best place for you. Visiting the place is a fun way to shop and discover new things. The Houston flea markets offer everything you might need, from art to collectibles, vintage items, antiques, and much more.

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