iPhone 14 cases – Where can I find good quality and affordable ones

The iPhone 14 series from Apple has finally been released, so it is time to get your hands on the newest iPhone. 

The new iPhone 14 boasts a Super Retina XDR display measuring 6.1 inches, offers up to 512 gigabytes of storage space, and comes in various stunning colour options.

 If you spend almost $800 on a new phone, it only makes sense to safeguard your investment by getting the best iPhone case.

We’ve done the legwork for you and compiled a list of some of the best iPhone 14 cases on the market. There are already some fantastic cases available for the iPhone 14 series.

This selection offers an option that will appeal to customers of varying preferences and financial means. These products range from clear cases with minimal design to sleek leather wallets, colourful silicone options to rugged options. Here we have a list of the best iPhone 24 cases available in the market and where you can find them. 

Leather Wallet Case 

If you want a case that is fashionable, useful, and friendly to the environment, you absolutely must get a leather wallet case. 

The wallet pocket can hold a maximum of three cards. The case is made from eco-friendly, vegetable-tanned leather that has been awarded a gold rating for having a low overall environmental impact.

Each ultra-slim case has a rich colour and durable finish that will develop a beautiful patina over time, making it look even more stunning as it ages. The microfiber lining adds a layer of protection and insulation to the case.

Your screen and camera are protected from scratches by a raised leather bezel 1mm thick, and a raised camera bump 1mm thick. Additionally, the side buttons have been redesigned using tonal metal and are pleasingly clicky and responsive.

In addition, a MagSafe port is included in this case for quick wireless charging. You can purchase it in one of three colours: black, tan, or Monaco Blue.

Ultra-Slim Case

Because the iPhone is already a fairly thin and elegant piece of technology, it begs the question: why would you want to add additional thickness with a case? You won’t have to worry about damaging your phone with a Super-Thin case.

This TPU case has a thickness of only 0.33 inches and is made from a soft material that provides a good grip and absorbs shock.

 It offers a choice of four transparent colours or a frosted clear option, and its design is ideal for those who want to protect their phone without any branding or intricate designs. Additionally, its design is slim and minimalist.

There is a raised lip around the screen and camera to keep them safe, and it will protect from minor drops (from around waist height), but for the best protection, you’ll want to pair it with a screen protector.

Bounce Case 

The Bounce Case provides incredible drop protection of 21.3 feet, which is six times greater than the Military Standard. This aesthetic case features “Bounce Corners,” which take their design cues from suspension bridges.

If you drop your phone, the cushioned protection and bounce-back provided by the compression ribs containing three air cavities will help prevent any structural damage.

This case’s inner sides and back are reinforced with EcoShock material, which helps dissipate shock and is made with 40% plant-based material. This material is used to reinforce this case.

Silicone MagSafe Case 

The Silicone Case from Apple is what you need if you’re looking for the full Apple experience with your brand-new iPhone 14.

This velvety-smooth silicone case is available in a wide variety of eight colours. Still, our favourite is the lilac variation because it is a stunning complement to the purple iPhone 14.

The case’s interior is lined with a gentle microfiber that protects your phone from scuffs and scratches. The case also features built-in magnets, allowing you to use it with any MagSafe accessories you choose. Although it is not the least expensive case available, neither is it the most expensive option.

Limitless 5.0 MagSafe Case 

If you like your aesthetic phone cases to be as sleek, stylish and considered as your phones, then the Mous Limitless 5.0 case will check all your boxes.

This chic case comes with a selection of sophisticated backplates to choose from. The Walnut version, which is depicted here, is our favourite. Still, it is also available in bamboo wood that is lighter in colour and Aramid Fiber, black leather, Silver Pearl, or a fabric with a flecked pattern of black and white.

Under the hood, some serious protection is happening, including impact-absorbing technology called AiroShock, ultra-rigid materials, a microfiber lining to shield against scratches, a high-defence camera bump, and a lip around the screen for added protection. Additionally, there is a lip around the screen for added protection.

The rippled grip ridges provide a firm hold, lessening the likelihood of dropping your phone. Additionally, a ring of N45 neodymium magnets ensures that this case is compatible with any MagSafe accessories you choose.

Durable Armor MagFit Case (Tough Armor)

Because it is constructed out of tough PC and TPU, the Tough Armor Case comes to the rescue when providing a multilayered defence against drops and dings.

In addition to having built-in MagSafe compatibility and a kickstand that folds out for hands-free viewing or making calls, this model also comes in your choice of one of three colours.

Spigen offers a free screen protector with the product if you purchase it right now. If there is one thing we could criticize, it would be that the colours offered are a little bit basic; however, if you care more about rugged protection than a colourful case, this is a positive thing.

Grip Case

The best way to protect your phone from falls is to stop them from happening in the first place. The Grip Case from Speck is designed to do exactly that. It has non-slip inverted grips and a soft-touch finish to ensure that your phone remains securely in your grip.

If you do happen to drop your phone, don’t stress! Using Armor Cloud Technology, this case offers protection against falls of up to 4 meters (13 feet).

The edge of the case is lined with numerous minute air capsules that function similarly to an airbag by collapsing upon impact to create a protective air cushion for your phone.

There is an integrated Microban antimicrobial protection system that can reduce odour- and stain-causing bacteria on the surface of your case by up to 99%. 

Additionally, a raised bezel around the screen protects it from shattering or scratching in the event your phone is dropped on its front.

This case provides a precise fit for your iPhone 14 and ultra-responsive buttons, and it is available in a total of five different multi-toned colour options. However, several reviews have mentioned that it does not have the same level of grippy texture as other Speck cases.

Aluminium MagSafe Case

What is sleek and lightweight but surprisingly protects your new iPhone and is surprisingly long-lasting? Aluminum MagSafe Case is designed to protect your smartphone.

This shock- and the scratch-resistant case has a hybrid dual-layer construction, with a lightweight military-grade alloy frame, raised edges around the screen and camera to prevent them from touching down, and a silicone charging port cover that keeps out dust, dirt, and water.

 It also has raised edges around the screen and camera to prevent them from touching down. Lastly, this case has raised edges around the screen and camera to prevent them from touching down.

The only drawback is that only one colourway is available at this time, which may not appeal to customers of all preferences.

Anti-Shock Case

This soft case from Olixar is available to purchase for less than $20. Specifically designed to fit the iPhone 14, its textured, tactile surface provides additional grip, reducing the likelihood that your phone will slip through your fingers.

If you drop your iPhone, the built-in shock-absorbing technology will protect it, and the integrated buttons will prevent dirt and debris from entering the device.

This case can be purchased in dark grey, blue, or purple, and in our opinion, it has a pretty chic appearance overall. However, the drop protection it provides isn’t exactly the most robust in the industry.

The Square Case 

In a sea of competitors, the iPhone 14 already stands out, but if you want to stand out, even more, this is the case for you.

The Blox case is square, unlike most cases, which have rounded edges and exude an air of sophistication and modernity.

The device is protected from drops of up to 10 feet thanks to a raised edge that surrounds both the screen and the camera.

This case has flexible sides that provide additional grip, and the materials used in its construction are designed to be scratch-resistant and prevent yellowing over time.

As a result of the built-in magnets, this case is compatible with all MagSafe chargers and other MagSafe accessories.

Because it is crafted using recycled content that has been standardly certified, it is also an environmentally friendly option in addition to being a beautiful one.

You can get it in various trendy colours, such as black, clear, Matte Clay (a terracotta pink), Neon Lemon, Neon Watermelon, Rainbow Frosting (clear with luminosity), or Gilded Age, a luscious gold, among others.

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