Genshin Impact: Who To Pick In The Lantern Rite (4.4) Update

Genshin Impact 4.4 update comes with a surprise and some controversy surrounding it. Namely, for this new Lunar Year, they are giving away only a few small items such as 3 single-pulls, or 3 wishes and a couple of other things while Hoyoverse is giving out a lot more items in their newest game – Honkai: Star Rail and this has gotten the player base somewhat angry and disappointed. However, Genshin is also letting us choose 1 4* Characters from Liyue, and most of them are pretty strong with two being some of the best characters in the game. 

Who to choose in the Lantern Rite

If you want, you can always top-up your Genshin account with U7BUY and wait for these characters to be on a banner to try and pull them, but this event allows you to pick one guaranteed character out of the bunch. So let’s get into who you should choose.

The Strongest Duo: Xingqiu & Xiangling

Arguably two of the strongest 4* characters in Genshin – One Hydro, One Pyro, both excelling at their roles of being some of the best off-field DPS and off-field element applicators in the game. You can’t go wrong with picking either of these as long as you don’t have them at C6.

Xingqiu fits in ALL teams in Genshin, being it electro, vaporize, freeze, bloom – whatever you want, this boy from Liyue has got you covered. His C6 is broken and if you want one of the strongest Hydro characters in the game, you’ll want him.

Meanwhile, Xiangling is the Queen of Fire. Her Pyronado applies Pyro to her enemies without an internal cooldown and has crazy scaling too. If you get her C4, it becomes even more insane as it gives her ultimate 40% more duration, basically meaning she gets 40% more damage.

The Aggravators: Yao Yao & Beidou

These two characters can be played in other teams aside from Aggravate, but they work pretty well together and are on a similar tier, power-wise, so we put them together.

Yao Yao is a great healer and a great Dendro applicator. She can be replaced by a lot of the other Dendro characters for better Dendro Application, but most other Dendro characters don’t have her impressive healing + Dendro application abilities. A great character to have on any Dendro-related reaction team as she fulfills two roles well. Yao Yao is great without any constellations, although her C6 can help a bit.

Beidou is our Thunder Pirate Queen and excels at certain things such as impressive AOE damage, but lacks that same punch when facing single-targets. However, the scaling on her burst is one of the best in the game and when facing 2 targets or more, she can obliterate them. If you like parry mechanics in games, she might be your gal. If you can get her 2nd constellation, she’ll get exponentially more powerful.

The Other Characters

While we hate to put these characters in this separate category as if they’re ostracized, they are just not that good in many teams and won’t make your account any stronger. Still, some people might like how these characters play and they want to get them or their constellations because of their appearance, gameplay mechanics, or animations and effects.

  • Chongyun – our resident Ice Boy. His skill leaves an aoe on the ground that can infuse your other characters’ attacks with Cryo. Decent on some Freeze teams
  • Ningguang – The Queen of Liyue, so to speak. Decent Geo character and can fill some duo-Geo teams as off-field support or even as your main DPS
  • Yun Jin – A great support for characters who like to “Normal-Attack” a lot such as Noelle or Yoimiya, but those are fairly niche characters already
  • Yanfei – The Liyue Lawyer. She has pretty fun mechanics as a Pyro catalyst wielder who utilizes charge attacks, but she falls off in most categories
  • Xinyan – The most hated character in Genshin. Need we say more? She doesn’t excel at anything and most of the community dislikes her for one reason or another.

And finally, our new pyro plunger – Gaming (Pronounced Gah-Ming). Looks like a pretty fun character overall and looks to be strong too, but at the time of writing this article the update hasn’t hit the live servers and it’ll be some time before people figure him out and his place in the meta. He will also be on the new banner and it’ll be easier to get him than some others from this list.

Hope we’ve helped you out, and as always – you can check out U7BUY to top up Genshin account with ease!

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