Everything You Need To Know About Leather Shoes

Leather shoes have always been considered timeless and have remained in fashion for the longest time. Leather has always been said to be one of the most versatile materials used to make shoes and can be crafted into various styles and designs. Leather has been there for decades as one of the most classic style statements, and it can be easily predicted that it is there to stay.

Leather shoes have always had a different aura and give a sophisticated look to whoever wears them. Currently, barefoot leather shoes are also trending in the market, which are very comfortable and formal enough to wear to work. Leather shoes ensure that users are always satisfied. 

Types Of Leather Used To Make Leather Shoes

As stated above, leather is versatile and can come in different varieties. Different kinds of leather are used for various purposes, each with a different look and texture. 

These are the different kinds of leather used for making shoes:

Full Grain Leather

Full-grain is the highest quality leather you can get for your shoes or any other item made of leather. Full-grain leather is curated from the topmost layer of the animal’s skin and retains the texture and imperfections of the animal’s skin. Full-grain products are never buffed or sanded and are kept as they are. They are said to be the most durable and of premium quality, and they generally age gracefully over time. 

Top Grain Leather

Very similar to full-grain leather, top-grain leather only differs in texture. Extracted from the top layer of the animal hide, this type of leather is sanded and buffed to give a smoother texture and make it more uniform in appearance. Top-grain leather persists in quality but is less durable than full grain ones. This kind of leather fits perfectly for barefoot leather shoes. 

Split Leather

One of the lesser-considered kinds of leather, split leather is made from the lower layers of animal hides. They are less durable and are used to make cheaper shoes and accessories. They still look elegant but fall back because they need more sustaining quality. 

Patent Leather

This kind of leather usually has a glossy appearance as it has been treated to give it that look. Due to its reflective surface, it is used to make dresses and other formal footwear. 

About barefoot leather shoes, they can be made of any of the abovementioned leathers, and their cost depends on the quality the buyer is settling for. 

How To Take Care Of Leather Shoes

Leather is made from animal skins and is organic. Hence, it has the propensity to degrade in quality over time. Proper maintenance and care are necessary to retain the shoes’ look and feel. Regular care also ensures that the pair lasts long and maintains its comfort.

One can follow these methods to take care of the leather shoes they have:

  • The shoes must be cleaned regularly with a soft brush or cloth. This avoids the accumulation of dust and debris, which might ruin the quality of the shoes.
  • Leather often dries out, and cracks can be noticed. Leather softeners are available in the market, which can help sustain the smooth look of the shoes.
  • Fading and discoloration are common complaints from users of leather products. People who own barefoot leather shoes are often advised to store them in a cool, damp-free space and away from the sun’s direct rays.  
  • It is highly recommended to use these shoes sparingly in warm climates. They tend to deteriorate at a high pace. 


If someone wants to make a style statement, sporting leather shoes and accessories is the best way to do it. However, the buyer must check out the quality, stitching, and durability of the pair they buy. Top grain and full grain are always preferable. From casual to formal, they can go perfectly with any occasion. But always consider choosing a style that suits your aesthetic and makes you stand out. 

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