Introducing the Most Attractive Sports Products at New88

Bookmaker New88 is known as an extremely reputable betting address, with hundreds of different quality products integrated by the house.

Among them, one of the most prominent game halls, with the most visits in recent times, is the Sports betting. This lobby is full of sports, along with extremely attractive bets.
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In today’s article, I will introduce to you the products sports betting of bookmaker New88, please follow along.

What is a Sports betting lobby?

This is a betting hall of bookmaker New88, specializing in sports, recently launched, registered and licensed by the Curaco government based in Malta.

The sports betting hall is also certified by advanced technology organizations in the world, so the bookmaker’s game products are always loved by many people because of the outstanding quality and extreme stability that the house offers. brings to all its players.

In addition, sports are developed by increasing background BTi Sportsbook extremely popular, helping bookmakers control and operate betting systems extremely quickly and accurately. You can too Download the New88 application now to your phone to be able to bet at the sports hall quickly and most conveniently.

Sports can be bet at New88

The sports products in the lobby of bookmaker New88 are extremely diverse, full of extremely attractive sports games, giving bettors an extremely professional and diverse playing field, from football to football. main to football, from virtual sports to real sports,…

Helps you easily choose the subject that is right for you to bet on. Below are some of the sports that most people bet on today.

Football betting

With the sport of football, there is certainly nothing too strange for bettors. This is considered the king sport, with the largest number of followers and fans today. Besides, there are also many bettors who love to bet on football matches like this.

Therefore, the house offers you many different, extremely competitive bets such as: European odds 1×2, Asian odds, over – under, run odds,… with the most attractive tournaments on the planet. From Europe, America to Asia, Africa, all tournament bets are updated in detail by the house here.
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Basketball betting

With a large number of fans, second only to football, basketball also has a lot of people interested in finishing first and second today. Understanding that, the house has brought to bettors many different attractive bets such as: Winning team bets, handicap bets, over – under,… with major tournaments such as NBA, FIBA ​​World Cup, … but tournaments in many different regions are also updated with extremely detailed betting odds by the bookmaker, including Vietnam’s professional basketball.

E-sports betting

Besides the sports mentioned above, the house also offers electronic sports with many different game genres, you can also bet on these electronic games. Currently, e-sports is very popular with young people, not only playing but also betting.

Understanding that, the house has integrated e-sports into the sports betting lobby to help many people participate in betting on this sport. The house offers many electronic sports games for you to bet on such as: CS:GO, League of Legends,… with tournaments around the world.

Virtual sports betting

Regarding virtual sports betting, you can shorten your betting time. For example, if you bet on real football taking place in a major tournament, normally each match will last 90 minutes, but for virtual football, each match only takes about 5-10 minutes and lasts about 5-10 minutes. all day long.

This will help you save more time and be able to participate in more matches. Virtual sports bets are completely no different from real sports bets. In addition to virtual football, the house also offers other sports such as: Virtual Basketball, Virtual Tennis, Virtual Dog Racing, Virtual Horse Racing,…

In addition, you can also find many other sports that you love at bookmaker New88, such as: Tennis, badminton, volleyball, boxing, futsal, billiards, table tennis, martial arts , racing, rugby, mixed martial arts,… and many more different subjects.

Instructions for participating in playing New88 sports products

To participate in playing New88 sports products, you just need to follow a few basic steps below.

  • Step 1: Go to the New88 homepage at
  • Step 2: If you do not have an account, select “Register” and create an account with just a few steps of providing information to the house.
  • Step 3: After completing registration, please log in.
  • Step 4: Select the “Sports” section, here you can choose any casino of your favorite bookmaker.
  • Step 5: Then, choose a sport that you think is suitable for you and place a bet.

Note: After logging in to your account, deposit money into your account, this is considered the initial capital to bet.


Above is information about the product sports betting of bookmaker New88, hopefully the above information will be useful to you guys.

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